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Volunteer Roles

Camera Op

Assist the church in seeing what is going on. Some people towards the back of our room may not be able to see without your camera. 

Media Tech

Running Pro-presenter in the Front-of-House booth. You are in control of all of the song lyrics and sermon graphics, responsible for putting words into the church's mouth!

FOH Engineer

Responsible for all of the sound coming from stage and Pro-Presenter. Controlling the levels and crafting a sound for our in-person and online gatherings.

Video Switcher

Lead and direct the camera team in choosing and calling which shots will be live. Must have strong communication and the ability to adapt and problem solve quickly.

Lighting Director

Controlling the timing of different light cues for songs and service elements, works side by side with the media tech.


The On Ramp is a monthly opportunity with little to no pressure to try something new and develop skills needed to serve the Worship & Production teams.  Reach out to get signed up for the next On Ramp.

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Get in touch with us about opportunities to serve on our production team.

Hugh Hayner, our Media + Communications expert, would love to connect with you.

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