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Adult Volunteers

Kids Wing Ushers:

Kids Wing Ushers lead the security of transitions (arrival and dismissal). They also assist kids-wing teachers as needed.

Classroom Teachers:

Classroom teachers ensure a safe, supervised, and biblical atmosphere within a grade-level classroom setting. Teachers present curriculum and lead activities to children in an engaging manner. They are the go-to adult in the grade-level classroom. 

Head Teachers:

Head teachers are the go-to adult in classroom settings. They set the tone for the children’s Sunday worship experience. Head teachers are responsible for creating a safe, engaging, family-friendly environment for the children. They are also responsible for presenting curriculum and leading activities to the children. 


Helpers assist with the general needs of the children and provide support to the Teacher in presenting lessons and activities. They assist the teachers in establishing a safe, fun, and age-appropriate learning environment. 

Youth Volunteers

Teen Helpers:

Teen Helpers are in at least 7th grade and are considered Youth Helpers until they have graduated high school. They may serve in any area of Harvest Kids Ministry (from the nursery through the 4th grade classroom). While serving, they must be accompanied by at least one volunteer who is 18+ years of age. Teen Helpers may not play the role of the Teacher; Teen Helpers may only be Helpers. When a Teen Helper turns 18 years old and would like to continue serving, he/she must apply for and submit clearances. 

Junior Helpers:

Junior Helpers are currently in 5th or 6th grade. These helpers serve with kids who are 2-5 years of age. Because of their closeness in age, Junior Helpers may not help with the school-age children.


Get in touch with us about opportunities to serve in the kids ministry.

Matt Godshall, our Kids + Students Pastor,  would love to connect with you.

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